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Recently, there is an opportunity in Asia

Вот такой запрос мы получили от наших партнёров — см. ниже. Если есть соответствующие компетенции и наработки, то пишите hello@b2bcloud.com!

One of my big customer request for a SW company to build a solution (like an animation authoring tool). I have checked some vendors in Korea but it seems difficult as they are not specialized in animation (especially audio/video processing). So can you try to find experts in that area to take this chance?

The main requirements from customer are:

— Target users: Customer’s film designers, art/sound designers to produce contents (animation) for mobile users
— Environment: PC or cloud

— Output: high quality (HD) animation video. 2D at this stage and will be upgrade to 3D in the future

— Input: Allows multi-user to create different asset library (sounds, picture/image, animation, characters,…) or upload assets to standard library. Store and manage asset information (name, date, author, price,…). The libraries can be added/edited/modified/deleted
— Animation editor that allows designers to make an animation/video based on a manuscript.
— Cost estimation function that gathers all cost/fee related to the animation (asset cost and labor cost depend on specific designer in different levels) to make payment to designers or to calculate the whole cost of the animation/video
— PC based dashboard to manage the whole production line and tools to manage/monitor/approve the whole process.

If you could find someone who can do it, we could discuss in more detailed.

Thanks and hope to hear from you soon.


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